Why Choose Gotham?

Compliance doesn’t always equal security. We build custom security programs that meet SEC requirements, address risk and stay within your budget.

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Gotham Security

Providing the most personalized and advanced security solutions for the financial industry and beyond.

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Managed Security Services

It's no longer a question of if you will be hacked, but when you will be hacked. Are you prepared to quickly detect, respond to and remediate cyber threats?

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Phishing Assessment

Hackers are using spearphishing, a more advanced type of phishing, to target individuals based on their role, profession, interests and location. Will your employees take the bait?

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Gotham Security is a boutique cyber security firm with deep technical expertise, that provides the financial, health care and retail sectors with an array of custom cyber security services, including security assessments, compliance and risk management support and managed security services.