4 Tips to Improve Your Cyber Security Confidence in 2017

Cyber security threats are a daily concern for all financial organizations as hackers are constantly searching for ways to compromise your firm’s systems and steal its data. And just when you think you’ve seen the worst, another mega breach comes along to raise the bar. It’s a jarring, but accurate reality for many financial firms.

With this in mind, Tenable Network Security and CyberEdge Group endeavored to track the confidence of security professionals in their cyber defense programs during 2016. Surveying 700 professionals representing seven industries and spanning nine countries, researchers found an overall drop in confidence with an average rating of 70% at the year’s end. The global cyber security community has given its confidence a grade of C-.

Of course, not every organization has followed this downward trend. So, to help turn the tide for 2017, some cyber security experts have shared their experiences on how they’re building cyber security confidence. Here are some key takeaways if your firm wants to do the same in 2017.

  1. Get the board on board: Cyber security is a risk management area that concerns the entire organization, not just the IT department. Getting buy-in, support and funding for enhancement efforts is critical to everyone’s success.
  1. Know the landscape and the risks: Too often, security programs focus on the methods for protection without fully understanding what’s being protected. Security team’s may be proficient at resolving vulnerabilities but sometimes fail to understand where their vulnerabilities are. To solve this problem, security auditing and vulnerability assessments need to be become routine activities and taken very seriously.
  1. Partner with professionals: Even the most talented teams can benefit from building partnerships with third-party cyber security experts. They provide efficiency and specialization that can only come from experience and an outside perspective.
  1. Technology is your friend: Advancements in cyber security technology don’t solve security issues on their own, but they can go a long way in streamlining processes and automatically identifying areas of your systems that may be at risk.

As a leading provider of cyber security solutions, Gotham Security can work with your firm to build its cyber security confidence. From full-scale assessments leveraging the latest technologies to state-of-the-art security operations through our managed security services, Gotham Security has the experience and proven track record to make your company cyber secure.

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