Adversary Emulation & Pentesting Services
Adversary Emulation & Pentesting Services

Adversary Emulation & Pentesting Services


Adversary Emulation & Pentesting Services

Gotham Security can help organizations understand their attack surface and defense-in-depth security posture by emulating a malicious adversary who has the intent of hacking into an organization via penetration testing and red team engagements. More specifically, Gotham Security identifies and exploits perimeter vulnerabilities within your cloud, network, and server infrastructure. The purpose of pentesting is to identify vulnerabilities that an attacker might exploit and provide actionable recommendations for mitigating those vulnerabilities. By identifying and addressing security weaknesses before they can be exploited by malicious actors, organizations can reduce the risk of data breaches and other cybersecurity incidents. Additionally, pentesting can help organizations comply with industry regulations and standards for information security.


Technical Benefits

✓ Granular Reconnaissance, Dark Web Analysis & Threat Intelligence Analysis

✓ Continuous Attack Surface Analysis & Penetration Testing

✓ DevSecOps & Secure SDLC Guidance

✓ Nuanced REST/SOAP/GraphQL API Pentesting


Collaborative Benefits

✓ Bespoke & Customized Penetration Testing Engagements

✓ Rapid Engagements That Quickly Kick Off In As Fast A Day

✓ Expert Cohort-Based Penetration Testing that Simulates Sophisticated Malicious Actors

✓ Realtime Collaboration and Communication via Microsoft Teams, Slack & More


Our Pentesting Techniques

✓ Security Testing Techniques Aligned to NIST SP800-115, CIS 18 & MITRE ATT&CK

✓ Compliance Insights for SEC OCIE Cybersecurity Readiness, SOC2, ISO27001, HIPAA, PCI-DSS & More

✓ OWASP Web Security Testing Guide, OWASP API Top 10 &OWASP Serverless Top 10

Curated Pentesting Engagements Include:
  • Android & iOS Mobile App Pentesting
  • Continuous Pentesting as a Service
  • Red Teaming Engagements
  • Cloud Security Pentesting
  • Web App Pentesting
  • API Pentesting

Who We Are


Initially founded in 2013 in the heart of New York City, Gotham Security is an Abacus Group company that focuses on providing boutique cybersecurity services. Gotham Security delivers high-quality penetration testing, malicious adversary simulation, compliance program development, and threat intelligence services to organizations all across the world, including many Fortune 1000 companies.

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