Bad Cyber Security = Bad Business for Financial Firms

At hedge funds, there’s been an all-too-common assumption that only larger financial institutions really need to worry about cyber security. As small businesses holding fewer assets than the big banks, funds often think of themselves as too small to be a target. “As long as we’re out of the spotlight,” the thinking goes “the bad ... More »

Will the NYDFS Cyber Security Regulations Be a Nightmare for Wall Street?

On September 13, the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) established a first in the finance industry: a sweeping proposal for minimum cyber security standards across the state’s financial organizations. For firms that have been lax in their cyber defense posture, the news likely came as an early start to the Halloween fright fest. ... More »

5 Critical Cyber Security Measures for Hedge Funds

While not more than two years ago, hedge fund managers were getting by with just a cursory nod to cyber security, the past year has seen the pressure build intensely on these firms. While funds move their operations to the web and cloud platforms, hackers have started targeting them with sophisticated new attack methods. Government ... More »

How the Cyberspace Policy Review Impacts Hedge Funds

President Barack Obama’s second term in office is coming to a close, and debates about his legacy are about to escalate in earnest. One topic generating lots of discussion is the impact his administration has had on cyber security. This topic inarguably has been important to the Obama administration’s political platform. Upon taking office for ... More »

2016’s Cyber Security Conferences: The Highlights

A number of the biggest events in the cyber security industry — Def Con, Black Hat and Security B-Sides — have wrapped up for 2016. And while most of the events could be thought of as important, a few really stick out as the moments to remember. You’re probably eager to hear about some of ... More »