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4 Benefits of Managed Security Services for Financial Firms

2017 is shaping up to be a big year for cyber security in the financial services industry. In the past year, an 81-million-dollar mega-breach on the Bangladeshi banking system prompted financial regulators to crack down on non-compliant firms. The New York Department of Financial Services proposed first-of-its-kind legislation mandating security standards for financial groups, and ... More »

The Top 3 Cyber Security Stories of 2016

In cyber security, 2016 was a year for breaking records, venturing into new frontiers, and grabbing the international spotlight. Regrettably though, it’s the cyber criminals and their nation-state sponsors who will be celebrating these achievements, as the scale and impact of their breaches reached new and alarming heights. Meanwhile, government agencies and private sector firms ... More »

A Financial Firm’s Security Breach Survival Guide

From account numbers and personally identifiable client information to investment algorithms and trade secrets, financial firms have an awful lot of data to protect. And any firm would agree that best outcome of their cyber security efforts is to prevent unauthorized access of this data. Unfortunately, even financial institutions with state-of-the-art cyber defense programs in ... More »

Is the Government the Weak Link in the Financial Sector’s Security Efforts?

After cautioning the financial sector about the critical threat hackers pose, the SEC is facing something of an ironic turn of events. The agency, along with the Commodity Futures Trade Commission, are increasing demands for data from financial organizations, for the purpose of closer monitoring. Financial firms and industry trade groups, however, have responded with ... More »

5 Critical Cyber Security Measures for Hedge Funds

While not more than two years ago, hedge fund managers were getting by with just a cursory nod to cyber security, the past year has seen the pressure build intensely on these firms. While funds move their operations to the web and cloud platforms, hackers have started targeting them with sophisticated new attack methods. Government ... More »