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EQUIFAX 143: The Burning Wound

The Equifax data breach. You’ve heard enough, right? Yeah, 143 million people had their private information stolen, yadda yadda. We get it. It happened. Back to business? No, not at all. It’s time to take a closer look at an epidemic that is going to impact nearly everyone. From this breach alone, there will be ... More »

A Financial Firm’s Security Breach Survival Guide

From account numbers and personally identifiable client information to investment algorithms and trade secrets, financial firms have an awful lot of data to protect. And any firm would agree that best outcome of their cyber security efforts is to prevent unauthorized access of this data. Unfortunately, even financial institutions with state-of-the-art cyber defense programs in ... More »

A Crash Course in Developing Your Cyber Security Skills

When it comes to cyber security skills at hedge funds and private equity firms, we have some good news and some bad news. The good news: Many firms do have some cyber-savvy professionals within their ranks. The bad news: These pros tend to be exclusively within the IT department. And with today’s challenging cyber threats ... More »