A Crash Course in Developing Your Cyber Security Skills

When it comes to cyber security skills at hedge funds and private equity firms, we have some good news and some bad news.

The good news: Many firms do have some cyber-savvy professionals within their ranks. The bad news: These pros tend to be exclusively within the IT department. And with today’s challenging cyber threats looking to exploit any weakness in an organization’s defenses, thinking of security solely as an IT concern is a big mistake – one that can turn very costly in a hurry.

Put simply: Anyone and everyone with any kind of access to your networks needs to be aware of privacy and cyber security risks. Every employee plays a role in safeguarding your digital assets, so each one needs to understand the necessary precautions involved with that responsibility.

All too easily, an uninformed, well-meaning employee can fall victim to a phishing or malware attack, which can serve as a hacker’s entry point to your sensitive data and tech resources. Far from being an afterthought in exploit attempts, employees are often seen as cyber criminals’ easiest route to a data breach.

Unaware staffers also might treat data in a negligent manner that makes it much more vulnerable to theft. In fact, a recent report from Intel indicated that 43% of data breaches in 2015 were caused by actors inside the organization, and half of those were accidental.

To close the knowledge gap, it’s important that non-IT employees begin developing privacy and cyber security skills. Fortunately, this doesn’t call for advanced education or expensive courses.

Here are a couple of much simpler recommendations for upping your non-technical security IQ:

Check in with the experts: Informative writing on cyber security is hardly scarce, and there are a number of particularly strong, accessible sources you might consider keeping up with as part of your daily news updates. Krebs on Security, a blog updated by longtime cyber security journalist Brian Krebs, offers original investigative reporting and insight into the latest hot topics. Another highly readable and in-depth news source to consider is the security page on the website of Wired, a popular tech magazine. Our new blog is also a great resources that provides insights on cyber security for hedge funds and private equities.

Develop your network: Those in the know on cyber security issues can help you gain the basic knowledge and understanding of issues that affect non-technical employees. It’s best to consider professionals who are keeping up on industry trends and can provide guidance in an accessible manner. Specialized security consultants may be the best fit for the role.

Our security program development and assessment, as well as our managed security services, includes a team of professionals that each bring more than 20 years of cyber security experience to the job. These experts can help guide your employees and executive team to better cyber know-how and a better posture in your cyber defense.

To stay secure and protect your digital assets, your team’s IT knowledge needs to extend beyond the IT department. Need more guidance on understanding your cyber security risks and that precautions that you need to take? Contact Gotham Security at info@gotham-security.com or 917-734-1420.