2016’s Cyber Security Conferences: The Highlights

A number of the biggest events in the cyber security industry — Def Con, Black Hat and Security B-Sides — have wrapped up for 2016. And while most of the events could be thought of as important, a few really stick out as the moments to remember.

You’re probably eager to hear about some of the highlights — assuming, of course, that you’re not so much of a “security enthusiast” that you’ve already been intercepting data straight from the show floor!

These events naturally attract a sizable crowd of hackers who are keen to spy on the big names in cyber defense. This year was no exception. In fact, the black hats evidently went big with their spying tricks. Researcher Geoffrey Vaughn found IMSI catchers placed all around the Las Vegas Strip, where all three conferences were hosted.

IMSI catchers, which spoof cell towers and force phones to connect, can read data from sim cards and intercept messages. These devices are not a new hacking technology, but they are a good example of the lengths hackers will go to extract information from these conferences.

The events featured several noteworthy programs. A battle between automated hacking programs suggest an important role for artificial intelligence in the future of cyber security. Taking home the prize in that competition was Mayhem from Carnegie Mellon. Apple’s head of security engineering, Ivan Krstić, announced a new bug bounty program that will award hackers up to $200,000 for reporting security flaws. And Jeff Moss, the founder of both Def Con and Black Hat, endorsed Hillary Clinton as the candidate he believes will better protect a free internet.

Malware defense and intelligence, penetration testing and mobile security all had a strong presence throughout the meeting rooms, indicating the importance of proactive security initiatives and expanding infrastructure in cyber defense.

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