Cybersecurity AI Is Not That Intelligent…YET

Here’s some simple logic that is not lost on anyone: “You don’t buy a padlock for the stable after the horse is stolen.” In running my company, I’m often tempted to wag the proverbial finger at client’s who back burner their cybersecurity responsibilities. I usually stop short for three reasons: One, I’d be doing a ... More »

Hacking’s Gold Medal: Who Is the Biggest International Threat?

The 2016 Summer Olympics has brought together top athletes from across the globe to compete on sports’ top stage. At the same time, a very different type of international “game” rages on in the cybersphere. Unlike the Olympics, international hacking wars are not governed by a code of sportsmanlike conduct or ethics. Instead, they are ... More »

Hackers are the Financial Sector’s Biggest Threat

There’s no question that hackers are a big concern across all industries. News sources deliver a continuous stream of panic-inducing headlines about data breaches, and major consulting firms insist that cyber security should rank as a top priority for business. The risks are serious, and the damage can be catastrophic. Now, government officials are raising ... More »