Think Outside the Security Box

Achieving compliance with NIST and SEC security standards is no small task. The process throws new challenges at financial firms — many of which need expert guidance from cyber security specialists with experience in these compliance frameworks.

From identifying and protecting system weaknesses to implementing ongoing detection, response and recovery, every process in a cyber defense program demands careful planning and precise execution — just to meet the requirements defined by the federal government.

But that’s only part of the bigger overall picture of an effective cyber security position.

By ensuring your security processes are compliant, you’ve established a strong foundation for security … but merely checking the compliance box can’t be your firm’s end goal. Considering that federal guidelines are on average about two years behind the current state of cyber security, that simply isn’t enough to keep your programs up to speed. Even savvy CIOs and CISOs struggle to stay current on security control risks, and hackers continue to develop exploits of increasing sophistication.

Instead, stay a step ahead. Proactive security measures such as regular penetration testing, continuous vulnerability and malware assessment, and comprehensive cyber intelligence efforts (including dark web monitoring) help companies keep out in front of the curve instead of just constantly reacting to threats as they occur.

Any firm building an NIST- and SEC-compliant cyber security program should keep proactive security capabilities in mind as they consider their vendor partnerships. Not only can an experienced vendor support the development of your processes and procedures, but they can leverage their resources, staff and expertise to ensure your program is a continued success.

At Gotham Security, we help our clients establish and maintain programs that build on the NIST framework and SEC guidelines for cyber security that meet today’s demands. Our onsite 24/7 security operations center provides continuous monitoring, vulnerability management and hacker detection. It also offers weekly penetration testing, dark web monitoring, eight hours of incident response per month and direct access to a senior staff of experienced security professionals.

For more information on how Gotham Security can assist your firm in building a security program that does more than just check off a box, contact us at 937-734-4120 or