Vulnerability Assessment


How susceptible is your financial institution to a cyber attack? Is your health care organization at risk of a data breach?

A vulnerability assessment from Gotham Security can answer both of these questions.

There are approximately 1 million new malware threats released each day, and most organizations aren’t prepared to combat even a small fraction of them.

Our vulnerability assessment helps fortify your system. We go beyond the traditional model and evaluate vulnerabilities within your system, as well as the cloud, mobile devices and third-party vendors. We offer an in-depth evaluation of your security posture that uncovers vulnerabilities and provides mitigation procedures to eliminate or reduce weaknesses to an acceptable level of risk.

Gotham Security utilizes open-source and commercial tools to gain a hacker’s view of the true weaknesses within your environment. Our team then exhaustively tests these vulnerabilities to weed out the false positives and unrealistic attack vectors. The end result is a detailed report that includes remediation suggestions and actionable steps you can take to resolve vulnerabilities.

Find out how our vulnerability assessment can help your organization achieve true security. Contact Gotham Security at or 917.734.4120.